There are larger storage room sizes also available outside of the followings.
The height of all the storage rooms is minimum 2,7 meters, depending on your demand.



1-3 m2

1 bedroom apartment or studio
Boxes, sports equipment, document folders, smaller household items

4-5 m2

1 bedroom apartment
Clothing, boxes, toys, small furniture, household items

6-8 m2

2 bedroom apartment
Furniture, bigger household items

9-12 m2

2-3 bedroom house or large apartment
Furniture, large boxes, large household items

13-16 m2

4 bedroom house or full garage
Full furniture and household items. Water sports equipment (water skis, kayak, canoe)

17-20 m2

5 bedroom house, large items
Full furniture and household items


What is Self Store Budapest a solution for?


- You are moving and cannot store your stuff anywhere
- Renewing your apartment and you are afraid that your items and furniture will get damaged, dusty or paint
- Your summer and winter sports equipment is in your way in your apartment
- You bought new goods but do not want to throw out the old ones
- You travel abroad and do not want to keep your car on the street unguarded
- Your children move from the family house but you would like to keep their furniture and clothing for the grandchildren
- You are a student in Hungary and you do not want to rent an apartment for your stuff for three months during the school holidays
- We look forward to recieving your personal needs and wishes as well


What is Self Store Budapest an alternative for?


- Crowded apartment
- Attic
- Basement
- Garage
- Bicycle storage
- Your friends’ or relatives’ apartment
- Flat rental