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Are you live or study in Hungary and moving home for a while? Your appartment does not have an attic or a basement? Are you planning a refurbish? The self storage is the easiest way for store your belongings, furniture, sports equipmet. Self Store is the biggest storage company in Hungary, we have 9 storage facilities in Budapest and one in Debrecen as well. Small storage units for rent in Budapest and Debrecen for natural persons and corporate clients, even only for 2 weeks. You will be able to visit your self-service storage unit without prior arrangements, in accordance with your needs. It is a great way to store your furniture and personal belongings when you are renovating your house or moving, upon an inheritance, when you work or study abroad or during the summer holiday. Our storage facilities are easily accessible and are equipped with car parks and transportation equipment to be used free of charge, in a clean and decent environment.

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