3. Prices and terms and conditions of renting a storage unit

Why do I have to request a quotation? Why can’t I see the prices on the website?

We have 10 storage facilities, in which nearly 4000 units of different sizes can be found. Our pricing is not based on square metre, in contrast with other service providers, the features of certain units specify their price. Such features include the location of the facility, the location of the unit within the facility, free capacities and current discounts.

We provide all of our clients with customised price quotations, considering the best storage solutions, for which we have to know the size of the unit, the date of the planned move-in, the planned rental period and, whether our moving services will be required.

How can I request a price quotation?

Price quotations may be requested via the phone or on our website. 
Our colleagues will inform you right away about the current prices of storage units and discounts available if you call +36 30 533 1313. Is the phone out of your reach? Take a look at our website, choose the storage facility and specify the size of the storage unit just in few minutes. 

If you are unsure about the location, pick all facilities. We are able to offer you a better price if the location is not important and districts of Budapest farther from the city centre work for you as well. You have no idea about the size of the storage unit you need? Choose the button “I DO NOT KNOW, please give me some recommendations” and our colleagues will give you a call.

How can I rent the cheapest storage unit?

You should pick all facilities. 
When you need to specify the location, you may choose the nearest one, however, you can rent a unit for the best price if you are flexible regarding the location within Budapest and if you choose “all facilities”.

How can I know what storage unit size do I need?

When choosing the unit size on our website, you can see the size of rooms the furniture of which fits the different unit sizes. If you are unsure and you do not wish to rent a bigger storage unit unnecessarily, call +36 30 533 1313 and our colleagues will happily help you to find the proper unit size.

Should I expect to pay a security deposit or other charges?

You do not have to pay a security deposit for the storage unit, however, you have to pay a deposit fee for the keycard, which will be paid back when you move out and return your keycard. Rental fees include the use of security systems, transportation tools (except for the forklift) and the overhead costs.

4. Moving in to the storage unit

When can I move into the leased storage unit?

Following the conclusion of the contract, you can move into your storage unit you have chosen right away during office hours, depending on the storage facility, or outside office hours. You can conclude the contract during the business hours of storage offices.

How does moving in take place?

•    You shall come personally to the storage office of the storage facility
•    You shall enter into a contract with us
•    You shall pay the rental fee of the first period
•    You may move into your storage unit immediately or any time later

What should I pay attention to when moving in?

The rental fee due for the first month shall be paid in cash. After that, you may request invoices payable via bank remittance. 
Bring your personal documents and your own padlock, however, if you do not have a padlock, you can buy one at us, along with moving boxes. 
If the storage facility can be opened via a keycard, you have to pay a deposit fee for the keycard, which will be paid back when you move out.

Do I have to move my items into the storage unit myself?

Basically, the tenants transport their items and furniture to our self-service storage facilities by their own car and they load their items to the storage unit by themselves via our pallet lifters, hand carts and freight elevators that can be used free of charge.

If you do not have the time or energy to do so, you may request our moving services, in which case our professional movers will take care of the transportation, loading or even the disassemble and packing of your furniture.

Where can I park my car during the move in?

A free car park is available at out storage facilities, in our inner car park, in front of the building, so you do not have to carry your boxes for several blocks.

2. About renting a storage unit

For how long may I rent a storage unit?

The shortest rental period is two weeks. After that, you may rent your storage unit for as long as you wish and you may extend the rental period according to your choice.

Are the storage facilities heated?

Our indoor storage units are all tempered, meaning at least 5-8 °C is ensured in the buildings during winter. Our storage units, located outside the facility, the so-called drive-up units are not tempered.

Can anybody else access my storage unit?

Only you can access your storage unit since you can lock it with your own padlock and you can keep all copies of the keys. In addition, the facilities are equipped with keycard access control system and the buildings may only be entered through the client area during office hours.

The corridors of the facilities are constantly surveilled by CCTVs and the facilities are protected with security alarms against unauthorised persons.

How can I make sure that my items are secure in the Self Store units?

All of our storage facilities have tempered, clean and dry units, besides they are equipped with keycard access control system, CCTV system, smoke detectors and security alarms.

What are the opening hours of the storage facilities?

We have two types of storage facilities:

Facilities with regular office hours, accessible during the opening hours of storage offices, meaning you are able to conclude contracts, pay your invoices, move in or out or visit your storage unit during this period.

Facilities with 24/7 opening hours, accessible outside the opening hours of storage offices as well, however, you are able to conclude contracts and pay your invoices exclusively during office hours.

You may learn more about the opening hours of the facilities under “Storage units for rent” by clicking on the facilities.

When can I conclude the contract?

During the opening hours of the competent storage office of the storage facility. You can learn about this period by clicking on the chosen facility after selecting “Storage units to rent”.

What items can be stored in my unit?

You can store anything in your storage unit, except for items listed by the GTC as forbidden.

Forbidden movables: 
Explosive, radioactive and poisonous materials, other materials destructive to health, money, jewellery, any food items, living creatures and all other items acquired in a way infringing the laws and regulations, especially chemicals, gases, fuels, caustic substances, materials dangerous to the environment, radioactive, biological materials, rubbish, waste, materials emitting smell or noise, guns-weapons, including their spare parts, furs,  artefacts, irreplaceable Movable  property, Moveable property constituting intangible value to the Lessee, securities, vehicles in a hazardous condition, hazardous materials and Moveable property which is forbidden to be kept in virtue of the laws and regulations.

7. Extension or moving out

I need to rent the storage unit for a longer period of time than I expected, what should I do?

Extend the rental period at least 10 days before it expires! It is stipulated in your lease contract as well that you shall notify us of your intent to extend the rental period at least 10 business day before the rental period expires. You will receive an e-mail in which we remind you thereof. 

If you fail to notify us of your intent to extend, it is not ensured that you can rent the storage unit under the same terms and conditions. Of course, you will have several options in that case as well, about which our colleague will inform you. We would like to ensure in all cases that you can store your items with us in the simplest possible way.

Do I need to notify you if I move out of the storage unit in time, or if I would like to extend the rental period?

Of course, you do! It is important to notify us of your intent to extend the rental period or your intent to move out via e-mail at least 10 days before the rental period expires. 

I have finished my home improvements and I no longer need the storage unit, what should I do?

Notify us that you wish to move out of the storage unit at least 10 days before the rental period expires. We will automatically send you a reminder. After that, you can vacate your storage unit on the expiration date and if you have unpaid rental fees, you shall pay such arrears before you move out.

6. Visiting the storage unit

Can I place further items in my storage place after I have moved in?

Of course!
During the rental period, you have the right to manage your storage unit, you can visit and rearrange the items as often as you want.

When can I visit my storage unit?

You may visit the storage unit during working hours applying for the given storage facility, however, 24/7 storage facilities may be visited around the clock.

What do I need to bring in order to enter?

In case of facilities, which may be visited during the opening hours of storage offices, you have to bring your keycard enabling entry and the key of the storage unit.
In case of facilities being open around the clock, you have to bring your keycard, padlock key and your valid contract.

Shall I make an appointment before I visit my storage unit and does it incur any extra costs?

No appointments needed! During your rental period, you have an unlimited number of visits and the length thereof will not be restricted and no extra fees will be charged. You may visit your storage unit several times a day, you may rearrange your items, place new things or remove old ones.

5. Invoices and payment

Do I receive an invoice of the rental fee?

An invoice for the rental fee will be issued in all cases, which will be sent via e-mail on the same day of each month - in case of a holiday, on the next business day. You may pay your invoice personally in cash at our storage offices or via bank remittance. If you rent the storage unit as a natural person, you do not have to pay VAT, in case of companies, the invoices will be issued with the inclusion of 27% VAT.

When and how will I receive my invoice?

The fee due for the first month shall be paid in cash in our storage offices upon the conclusion of the contract. An invoice thereof will be issued right there and you will receive that invoice. If you wish to pay the further rental fees in cash as well, the invoices will be handed over to you personally. In case of paying via bank remittance, the invoice will be sent to the e-mail address specified by you.

Can I pay by credit card?

Payment by credit card is currently unavailable at our storage offices.

What happens if I fail to pay the invoice in due time?

Please, in all cases, contact us if you cannot pay the rental fee in due time and arrange the payment of the rental fee as soon as possible, with respect to the applicable section of the GTC.

If I fail to pay, will my items be put up for auction?

No auctions are held. Please always notify us if you cannot fulfil the payment obligations, so we can find the best solution for the issue. All cases are unique, however, we always try to settle the issues amicably.

About Self Store

What is Self Store?

It is a service, owned by Hungarian owners, providing mini and small storage units following the examples seen abroad. The brand name, Self Store Budapest comes from the English phrase “self-storage”. 
The concept of self-storage has been in existence since the 1900s in the USA, however, at that time, such services were primarily provided for corporate clients in order to store their products and to help the delivery of such products with horse-drawn carts. Its current usage by the general public, known today, evolved in the 1950s and by the 1970s, it was popular in the United States. The service appeared in Europe in the 1980s, while the first storage facility, following the foreign examples, was opened in Hungary in 2009. Throughout the past 10 years, Self Store helped those who wish to store their personal belongings and furniture under secure and clean circumstances. In addition to Budapest, as of 2019, this gap-filling service is available in Debrecen as well.

How did Self Store begin?

The company was established in 2009 by Ablonczy Márk and Harsányi Dániel. They got acquainted with this service, being unknown in Hungary at that time, through a family friend, after finishing university and they left for a trip to the United Kingdom in order to study the whole process of renting storage units. Adjusting their experience to the Hungarian market, they opened the first storage facility, which was followed by eight more in Budapest and one more in Debrecen. 

They have been working to improve the services and to promote them for more than ten years focusing on the tenants’ needs, thereby they managed to make Self Store a successful, popular and client-friendly service, to which clients return happily from time to time.

Why self-service storage rental is popular in Hungary?

Because it is an easy, quick and completely secure option. 
All you have to do is to select the location and the size, ▶ move in, ▶then you can visit your storage unit as often as you wish. 
If you do not have the time and energy to load and transport your furniture, you may request moving services at Self Store, therefore, there is no easier way to store your items.

Who are the ones who decide to rent storage units in Budapest and Debrecen?

👉 Those who do not have storage rooms in their homes or they do not think it is clean or secure enough
👉 Those who have welcomed new additions to the family and they do not have the space to store seasonal sport kits, toys or clothes
👉 Those who start renovating their homes and they need space to temporarily store their furniture
👉 Those who are about to move or who inherited items and are still looking for a proper place for their furniture
👉 Those who leave their leased apartment for the summer, however, they do not wish to take their belongings home
👉 Those who travel abroad and they cannot take their furniture with them